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The Diner Announces New Partnership With Felt Music

Newly inked deal merges powerhouse US and UK production music catalogues giving the North American market exclusive access to Felt by way of The Diner

The Diner announces that London-based Felt Music has signed an exclusive partnership deal that will incorporate Felt into The Diner’s library for licence in North America. With a music library that houses over 700 albums consisting of nearly 11,000 original tracks, Felt is a rich and robust music collection in its own right. The coalition of Felt Music and The Diner powerfully combines two of the industry’s most cutting-edge music catalogues, creating one of the most diverse and potent sonic palates in the industry.

With this new merger, content creators from the advertising, film, TV and video game industries will now have greater access to an expansive and customisable music portfolio that spawns from the combined expertise of these two award-winning music teams.

“Felt Music is thrilled to announce its partnership with The Diner in the US,” said Felt co-founder and music director Natalie Dickens. She continued, “The careful curation and standard of music offered by The Diner team is superb. The music featured on their website aligns perfectly with Felt Music’s repertoire, mission, and values.”

“Like The Diner, Felt’s ethos is to serve not just as a music provider, but as creative partner,” said Diner president, Sydney Ferleger. “Their world-class creative team has committed themselves to innovation while staying acutely dialled into current trends in licensing and content production, and that is reflected in the relevance and success of their catalogue,” Sydney added.

Felt augments The Diner’s library with genres ranging from Indie Pop to Klezmer to Afrobeat just to scratch the surface. Creative director Christian Celaya added, “Lately, we’ve seen an increased demand for quality vocal and lyrical elements in advertising production. Felt’s library is well-known for having head-turning vocal content. This will be a tremendous asset to our clientele moving forward.” Building on the foundations of their sizable back catalogue, Felt’s tenacious production schedule will deliver multiple new albums to The Diner’s clientele monthly.

In addition to the music itself, The Diner and Felt’s music supervision teams will join forces and collaborate on client requests. “The Felt family comprises a diverse group of forward-thinking, multi-generational music enthusiasts and industry experts. Working in tandem with The Diner’s talented music supervision team, we are poised to provide clients with curated playlists that will exceed expectations in terms of quality and accuracy,” remarked creative licensing director, Charlie Cervone.

With the recent acquisition of the Felt Catalog, The Diner rises to over 60,000 thoughtfully curated songs, positioning itself as one of the leaders in the production music industry.  From SoHo to Soho, The Diner and Felt creative teams now work together to provide top-shelf, customisable music solutions to clients across North America.