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The Diner Announces Brand Refresh and New Collaborator Series

Production music catalogue and industry veteran, The Diner, unveils a new sonic and aesthetic identity

NYC-based production music house, The Diner, announces a rebranding campaign that incorporates powerful new creative partnerships, new graphics, and a new website. As an established music library that has been the choice of the industry’s top creators and brands for over 16 years, The Diner’s rebrand reflects its commitment to innovate and inspire. Spearheading this reinvention is creative director, Christian Celaya.

“Our biggest initiative in the plethora of recent upgrades has been our new Collaborator Series,” says Christian. Christian was a touring musician and is a seasoned production music professional. “I’ve been tapping into my network of household name artists that I’ve toured with and performed alongside over the years. We are guiding well-known writers that are interested in spreading their wings, outside of their respective projects, into the music licensing and production music space.” “We are now working with artists who have earned their reputation by honing and perfecting their sound and craft. Leveraging each composer’s unique creative strengths and expertise into music that is curated with the content creator in mind has added an industry-redefining authenticity to The Diner’s catalogue,” adds creative licensing director Charlie Cervone.

Producing new music for The Diner’s ever-expanding library are names such as Benny Trokan from the world-renowned rock band Spoon, Travis Stever from Coheed and Cambria, and William Ryan Key from the newly reunited emo act Yellowcard – all of whom are currently selling out theatres and arenas across the nation.

“The beauty of our new collaborations is that our clients now have access to A-list talent without the astronomical licensing fees associated with popular music,” Charlie says. Christian adds, “The best part is that all of our collaborators’ music is customizable. We have splits and stems on hand and we are ready and able to sculpt these songs however our clients require.”

Refreshing the look and feel of the brand has been another key priority in the process of reinvention for The Diner. Moving towards a more modern aesthetic of sleek minimalism, their new colour palette features stainless steel set to black and white, allowing the music to shine through above all else. An updated logo in stainless steel rounds out the new look, staying true to The Diner’s name.

In addition, The Diner has a completely redesigned website, featuring more about the company by highlighting its employees, collaborators, and recent work. There’s also seamless access to its most recent albums and playlists without any extra clutter. Currently in development is a revamp on the back-end music search engine, allowing users a more intuitive way of navigating creative ideas without getting lost in a sea of subjective keywords.

“The Diner is better than ever,” says Christian. “We’re thrilled to be building on our longstanding reputation for production music excellence with our new ventures in creative partnerships, our updated look, and our redesigned user interface. Ultimately, it’s all about getting uniquely outstanding music solutions to our clients in a way that feels intuitive, easy, and fun.”